Why buy the book when you can check it out for free in the library?  The library encourages you to check out books and offer book suggestions.  Research shows that the more you read, the smarter you will be.  The UHS library aims to provide a range of reading options for UHS students, including classics, current titles in both fiction and non-fiction, anime/graphic novels, and much more!

You may locate library books in two different ways:

  • Access the library catalog by going to Destiny
  • Access Destiny Quest to locate books and get recommendations

Library Book Club

Love to read books, talk about books, listen to people try to talk about books, and eat food?  Then come join us for our next book club.  Fill out THIS FORM to help us choose the next book.  


The Library has access to certain eBooks through Overdrive.  You may check them out electronically and use your own device.  You may access this site using your computer login information.

  • Download to your device or read in your browser
  • Attach your public library account to your IUSD Overdrive account

Personal Shopper Form

Let us help you find your next book.  Fill out this Personal Shopper form that gives us some insight into the things you like to watch, read, or your hobbies.   Then we will contact you once we have pulled the books based off of the information you provide.