Adding Perspective

Some of our freshmen classes are finishing up their SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) project and the topics are quite amazing and fascinating.  The projects are inspired by the Millenium Development Goals put out by the United Nations.  Each goal focuses on disparities across the world, especially focusing on poverty, hunger and food security, health, education, gender equality, women's empowerment, and water and sanitation.  One of the most interesting parts of the assignment requires students to compose a business letter to an individual that is working to resolve the issue they are researching. In this letter, they are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the issue as it relates to their chosen country and demonstrate their interest in being part of the solution to the issue.  Simply put, we all are in this world together.  Our decisions matter, no matter where we are located.  Below is a letter written by one of our UHS students, showing us her understanding of the issue and showing us how this project truly does add perspective.  Well done!!