Artist of the Month

Image taken from Flickr by Suzanne - newsuz5.

Are you an artist? Do you want to leave your mark at Uni?

Well now you can in a big way.

Apply for Uni's Artist in Residency program and you can earn the right to design and create your mural to be displayed in front of the Library.

Students interested in the program must submit their designs, a brief narrative and a proposed budget. Apply Here.

New Artists will be selected each month, submit your designs now and be selected as one of the nine artists who will have the opportunity to showcase their work this school year.

Please direct any questions to Mr. Frat and Ms. Kramer. 

Leadership Opportunities @ the Library


We are excited to announce that we have several leadership opportunities available in the library this coming school year.  Please fill out this form if you are interested in any of the following positions:

Tiny Library Concert Organizer - find the talent, organize the shows, advertise, make it fun!!

Book Club Organizer - choose a book a month to read with as many people as you can find.  Then eat food and talk about the book.

Library Podcast - everything library, education, school, special guests, etc.  You have to love to talk for this position.  

Tech Experts - help us manage all the new tech coming into school - these students would also be library aides; therefore a period out of your schedule

Friends of the Library Club Management - fundraising for the library 

Fill out your application HERE


Adding Perspective

Some of our freshmen classes are finishing up their SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) project and the topics are quite amazing and fascinating.  The projects are inspired by the Millenium Development Goals put out by the United Nations.  Each goal focuses on disparities across the world, especially focusing on poverty, hunger and food security, health, education, gender equality, women's empowerment, and water and sanitation.  One of the most interesting parts of the assignment requires students to compose a business letter to an individual that is working to resolve the issue they are researching. In this letter, they are required to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the issue as it relates to their chosen country and demonstrate their interest in being part of the solution to the issue.  Simply put, we all are in this world together.  Our decisions matter, no matter where we are located.  Below is a letter written by one of our UHS students, showing us her understanding of the issue and showing us how this project truly does add perspective.  Well done!!