Guest Post #1 - Folk Music Club - 763 Tracks Playlist of Bob Dylan

Got 55 hours of spare time?  I am guessing you do not, but even if you have 2 minutes the Folk Music Club is guaranteeing you will not waste your time by listening to one of Bob Dylan's massive body of work. 

Think folk is just for your parents?  Think again - we have a club on campus of people that love to listen to folk music and discover new bands that fall under the folk umbrella.  If you are looking for something new we also recommend checking out Wilco - Jeff Tweedy is a master songwriter and his songs will fill you with crocodile tears.  

Come join us for one of our meetings! 

Artist of the Month

Image taken from Flickr by Suzanne - newsuz5.

Are you an artist? Do you want to leave your mark at Uni?

Well now you can in a big way.

Apply for Uni's Artist in Residency program and you can earn the right to design and create your mural to be displayed in front of the Library.

Students interested in the program must submit their designs, a brief narrative and a proposed budget. Apply Here.

New Artists will be selected each month, submit your designs now and be selected as one of the nine artists who will have the opportunity to showcase their work this school year.

Please direct any questions to Mr. Frat and Ms. Kramer.