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Meet the Writers


Andrea Ayoms

A self-described realistic optimist, Andrea Ayoms aspires to change the world someday, no matter how small the scale.  She is inspired by writers such as Rupi Kaur, Chimamanda Adichie, Maya Angelou and their skill in combining social justice with the power of words.  In her spare time, Ayoms enjoys baking, watching romantic comedies, and surfing Pinterest (aka her happy place).


P. Cheyenne

P. Cheyenne, a native of Southern California, is an avid science geek and violinist, as well as an amateur runner, swimmer, and writer. He spends his free time making violin covers of pop songs, punishing his friends with bad puns and rhymes, and pondering the underlying mathematics behind natural phenomena.


Rachel Choi

Rachel Choi was born in Los Angeles, California and is the youngest child in a family of five, which includes her mother, father, sister, and cat. She enjoys reading in her free time and aspires to find success in her passions for writing. Despite not knowing how to embrace the rather rapidly approaching future, she hopes to find happiness and share it with those around her.


Ac Alexander

Ali Choroomi grew up in Southern California, where he lived with his mother and sister. He spent countless hours studying and going to school in order to pursue his passion of creative writing. He would read books and write many short stories.



“HARA” is a creative writing student who enjoys self-teaching and studying the beauty of the guitar and listening to music of many genres. She intends to live an adventurous life while experiencing many beauties in life including film, literature, art, travel, and more.



Emily was born on January 10, 2001 in Newport Beach.  Influences come from her grandmother, with whom she had grown up with for the majority of her life, and her mother, who had encouraged her to write since she could pick up a pencil.  During her free time, she uses writing to explore her feelings and emotions on paper.  Besides writing, she hopes to one day attend college desiring to become a pediatric surgeon.



Herates is a novice photographer and nails enthusiast. She spends most of her spare time volunteering, trying new Boba, or binge-watching Netflix.  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, studio Ghibi movies, and jigsaw puzzles are among a handful of her favorites.  As an aspiring humanitarian aid, she hopes to embody truth as her identity and kindness rather than niceness.



Shipped from the lands of snowy Colorado, Haley’s days are often spent, when time allows, bummin' on the beach, most notably, Huntington.  Her passions include music, photography, and of course, writing. Making time for what is most important goes without question.  A balance between work and pleasure is priority.  Working for the life you want is one thing she believes should never be compromised.


Julie Rose

Julie Rose is an aspiring author born in Southern California, but her heart always resided in the forests of Narnia and Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Her style is a whimsical whirl and a dash for the surreal, with a particular penchant for poetry. She has loved reading all her life, and advises that when you get lost in a book, make sure you can always find your way back...



Giancarlo was born in the great city of New York.  He hated how loud and busy the city was and how everyone was always in a rush.  When he discovered writing, he loved it, but it was not for the city.  When he earned enough money, he bought a submarine and now lives down under New York Harbor.

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Nour Hasan has lived in New York for eight years before moving to California. She enjoys going to the beach under the warm and sunny skies while reading her favorite book, Hyde by Daniel Levile. Her continuous urge to travel the world has lead her to start her journey in Switzerland.



Jane grew up in Southern California enjoying the sunny weather and the beach close by. She has always enjoyed reading and writing and is constantly working to improve her writing skills. Her favorite book of all time is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Amanda wishes to travel as many places as she can while writing about her experiences as well as fiction novels.


Ali Huxman

Some of Ali Huxman’s accomplishments include founding In -N -Out, Apple, Versace, and Switzerland.  In her free time, she dabbles with musical instruments such as the accordion and didjeridu.  When she is not wrangling wild stallions or training her very own jazz band comprised entirely of monkeys, Ali enjoys playing Olympic level water polo and curling.  Academically, she received a PhD in caterpillar catching with a Master’s in butterfly whispering at age seven.  She also prides herself on being an excellent storyteller.


Kay Jeykae

Kay Jeykae lived in China, where he was influenced by his friends and their love of the colorful world of Japanese anime. His love spread to stories and art from all over the world. When he is not enjoying the wonders of foreign entertainment, he enjoys gorging himself with food and feigning hard work.


Isaac Kopstein

Isaac Kopstein comes from the frigid lands of Toronto, Canada. While interested in writing, he will occasionally read a book simply to prove he still possesses basic literacy. A fanatic for the outdoors, he enjoys spending brief stretches in the middle of nowhere before retreating to the safety of a pen, pad, and AC. Isaac’s favourite novel is Shogun, by James Clavell.



YAMapstone was born in the Windy City, raised in the Flour City, and would prefer to remain rather nebulous outside of that.


Rowan Penderwick

Published author Rowan Penderwick was born on November 31, 2000 and will die on February 29, 2025. Currently turning heads and taking names in a small town in Southern California, Rowan is often lost, misguided, and mistaken for a twelve-year-old. Rowan dreams of an idyllic future involving rainy days, hot cups of tea, and many good books.


Aidan Le Mullins

Aidan Mullins was born on March 12, 2000 in Los Angeles and has lived most of his life in California with his little sister and older brother.  Ever since he was a child, his imagination was his favorite toy and tool.  He would spin stories out of nothing but a playground and a couple of kids, who would follow his lead steadfastly.  Even throughout high school, when most of his friends had moved on to video games and social media, Aidan loved to listen to music and daydream about different worlds and characters that the music gave birth to.  While only one of his friends still played pretend with him outside, he had transferred the majority of his creations to paper into his first book.  Although he is only a fledgling author, he dreams of eventually spreading his wings and making people all around the world smile as they embark on the same journey that he himself explores every day.



Lifetimes is an author who loves the bright side and the prismacolor rollercoaster ride of life. A domestic being, his home is among the stars in the sky and their counterparts on the ground. He loves books, flowy clothing, smiles, and icelandic and/or alternative pop bands.
“In every lifetime we choose to live, there is nothing to arbitrate what considers it a life worth living other than the unquantifiable amounts of love, laughter, and life you find in others and yourself.” -Lifetimes

Lily Paplham

Lily Paplham lives in Southern California, where she is a senior in highschool. When she isn’t reading she’s buying up all the 50¢ books on sale at her local library book store. Finding a pen that works is one of her more tiresome yet fulfilling daily activities. Her favorite adjective is jazzy.



Krishan grew up in Southern California, where the rampant liberalism of Orange County is known for radicalizing him into a progressive. He loves Star Wars, reading, DC Comics, plotting the downfall of the world order, and memes. When he’s not arguing about something important, he’s arguing about something unimportant. His favorite fiction writers are the Apostles and the Sahabah.


Wazze Apinin

W.A. was born and raised in Southern California. He likes writing. Story over.



Rocksea is an energetic person who loves coming up with puns to share with those around her.  When she is not watching a Spanish telenovela, she enjoys eating macaroons and exploring Target aisles.  Beyond being an optimistic person, she appreciates the quieter moments where she is able to reflect in a journal. This valuable time allows her to come to a deeper understanding of both herself and the world around her.  By doing so, she interprets the varying viewpoints that underlie topics rather than blindly contending to her own beliefs.  Through maintaining both a joyful and enlightened character, Rocksea constantly strives to spread happiness while simultaneously advocating for and challenging her own beliefs.


M.L. Rodriguez

M. L. Rodriguez is from Southern California where she currently resides with her family.  Some words that describe her are strong-willed, artistic, and thoughtful.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, and drawing.  She dreams of becoming either an art or kindergarten teacher.



Overlord grew up playing video games all day and wants to share his creativity with the world.




Vee was born in Houston Texas, but was raised in Southern California.  Vee wishes to help all those that turn to him and his art and inspires them to create beauty.  He wants to be able to help everyone turn their painful grief into beautiful art.

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Natarsha Lauren

Natarsha Lauren grew up in Sydney, Australia and moved to California in 2015. She is a school-obsessed teen who dreams of one day wandering across the world breathing new air, exploring new lands, and caring for new people. Natarsha is in a committed and loving relationship with Basil, her espresso machine.



Aaron Wang was born in the city of Overland Park in the state of Kansas.  He loves to write during his free time and express his feelings through it.  In the near future, Aaron hopes to become a mental health doctor and share his happiness with everyone.