The library is a dedicated to partnering with teachers to design higher quality research projects and assignments in order to develop the information literacy skills to be successful during high school and beyond. The library space aims to be the central meeting point on campus for teachers and students, offering a 21st Century learning environment that combines print resources, electronic resources, and student art displays to further student literacy.  

Instructional Services

Information literacy is the ability to think critically about finding and using information for a specific purpose, whether for educational research, on the job decision making, or personal need.

Our mission at the UHS Library is to incorporate information literacy into the school curriculum by focusing our efforts on teaching students these skills during the process of research. Being able to develop a quality research question, and to locate, evaluate, and successfully synthesize that information into a quality research product are critical components of college success. We believe that teaching information literacy skills within the context of course-related research will not only improve student research, but also allow students to apply and transfer these skills to other domains, both in their college careers, and beyond. This approach furthers the library’s aim of fostering lifelong-learning and curiosity in our students.

Library Media Center/Learning Commons

- Areas to Book -

  • Fiction Reading Area
  • 20 desktop computers & 50 Laptops (Chromebooks, Macbooks, and standard laptops)
    • You must have a valid student ID card to check out a laptop before school, snack, lunch, and/or after school.
  • Collaborative space that encourages group work or private work on a laptop
  • Stand up print stations
  • Homework - the library is stocked with student textbooks made available for homework.
  • Mobile whiteboards (2)


  • Monday – Friday: 7:00 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.

  • Saturday: Closed

  • Sunday: Closed

314/509B/515/517 Computer Lab Spaces

  • 40 computers with teacher workstation in each lab
  • LanSchool running on each teacher computer
  • Windows 7 running on all computers with Office 2013


The library staff is here to support you.  Please reach out to the following for support.

  • Mr. Fratantaro - Librarian -
  • Mrs. Jan - Media Tech II -
  • Mr. Tay - PC Services -