Why We Do What We Do

Another Veteran's Day has come and gone.  I always try to read a book/story that helps me reflect on my grandfather's experience while he was a career serviceman in the navy,serving in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  One war, yes, but three wars - incomprehensible!  Veteran's Day always serves as a reminder to start my thinking about the world with the ideas that my grandfather dedicated and risked his life for - freedom.  Along those same lines, I just finished the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  The main character, Louis Zamperini, suffered one torturing event upon another.  He experienced physical abuse and mental abuse during his captivity and he experienced the cruel realities of nature why being stranded on the ocean. With fortune on his side, Zamperini taught me that hope, optimism, and the will to stay alive are qualities that should never be overlooked.  Think about that, person sitting in their pajamas playing Call of Duty.  What would you do in Zamperini's position?  What is your take on Zamerpini's forgiveness?

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Going for a Walk About

I discovered this randomly on the Internet - looking forward to seeing the film and I just started the book.  This movie seems timely to me since the actual event took place in 1977 - before all of the technology that surrounds our daily life.  What would this have looked like today?  I am guessing she would have GoPros strapped to all the animals heads, Instagram videos galore, and live Tweeting.  How far will you have to walk before you can find yourself?  I love the song that used for the movie trailer - see the posting below.

Underwater thoughts...

Your thinking changes when you are underwater.  Whether you are in a place of discovery, soul searching, or being held captive by the ocean - there is always a life lesson that you can take away when you see mother nature rolling over you.  My thoughts continue to return to the Pacific Islands and their amazing history.  One thing I know for sure about the ancient Hawaiians, they had it right.