Textbook Return Information

When can I check out AP textbooks?  The next day to check out AP textbooks is Monday, June 12th from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

What AP textbooks are being checked out on Monday?

  • AP Stats
  • AP Bio
  • AP Chem
  • AP Environmental
  • AP Calc BC and AB
  • AP Psyschology
  • AP Lang
  • AP World
  • AP US
  • AP Art History

Where can I find the summer assignments?  On the Uni High homepage under the specific department.

What if I lost something?  How do I pay?  Pay in cash to the library.

My books are in my locker and I forget my combination and where my is located.  Talk to security.

When do freshmen, sophomores, and juniors return their books?  The last day to turn in books is June 9th.

Can I turn in my textbooks early?  Yes.  

Will the library be open during textbook return for student usage?  No. 

Can I check out all of my books for next year even if I am not in AP? No.

Do I need to return my Integrated Math Workbooks?  No.  Keep them.  We will delete them from your file at the end of the year.

Can I check to see what resources I have checked out?  Yes - visit Destiny, locate your school, and hit login in the top right.  Use your computer login to login and see what you have checked out.


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